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Westbury is a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is located in the province of Gauteng. It is situated west of the Johannesburg CBD.


The Don Mattera Foundation


Narrating the story/history of the “Wild Wild West” Westbury.


On-camera interviews about the community’s dreams, aspirations and challenges and conducting social media polls to gauge the mood and outlook of the community.


Documentary film

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There is a desperate need for job creation and placement for the young people who emerge with skills from the community centre and the area.

  • Kofifi FM gauge distress and trauma from the Westbury community. This relates to the ongoing drug wars, shootings and high levels of alcohol abuse, unemployment, and a need for social healing.
  • From Conquest 4 Life – under the COVID-19 pandemic they became the haven and depot for distraught people who needs food parcels and daily nourishment. We heard that gender-based violence is on the increase and there is also a desperate need for a shelter for women and children.
  • A community leader indicate that entertainment, leisure, and sporting facilities are in dire need of assistance to give young people an outlet in the area.