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Umjindini Local Municipality is situated in the south-eastern part of Mpumalanga on the escarpment. The municipal area forms part of the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, together with Nkomazi Local Municipality, Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, Mbombela Local Municipality and Bushbuckridge Local Municipality.


Do Good Circle


Conduct a community charrette in the community that will be captured in video and photographical format.


  • Multiple community visits to establish rapport
  • One-on-one interactions on and off camera
  • Community imbizo at Louieville hosted by Chief Tikonthele Dlamini
  • Various site visits


Video story

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The messages/themes emerging from the interactions

  • In other parts there is optimism and hope. Where people feel they need support, they are clear that they need support so that they may be self sufficient.
  • Anxiety around social issues such as crime, corruption, drug addiction problem affecting the youth.
  • There is a huge unhappiness with the merging of Umjindi Local Municipality (Barbeton) to the greater Mbombela Municipality, as this is believed to be the reason for most of the socioeconomic problems faced by the people of Barbeton. The inefficient service delivery and decaying infrastructure is also believed to be the result of moving the administrative office to Mbombela.


With 50% unemployment rate, job creation is a critical issue for this community. Limited jobs generated by the main industries in the area (mining, agriculture and forestry, tourism).


What new economies/lines of trade can BWEF unlock opportunities from the existing industries in the area. What entrepreneurship programmes can BWEF provide to sharpen the emerging entrepreneurs.

Skills development

Technical skills in $IR artisan skills, construction and agriculture. There is a sizable population that can use skills, trade and services generated by the same community.


The following services that are needed by the outlying communities of Barbeton:

  • Roads
  • Water
  • Library

Sthe Ngcobo


Capture the mood, aspirations, and ambitions of the community through photography.


Still photographs

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  • Youth involved in political factions resulting in violent clashes among youth.
  • No sense of hope about possibility of social change.
  • Community needs secure and protected land to grow business activity.
  • Harsh environment and water scarcity is a challenge in the community.
  • Lack of support for initiatives aimed at promoting economic growth.