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Riverlea is an outskirts district located in western Johannesburg. The small community of Riverlea in southwestern Johannesburg is built around a mine dump and on either side other dumps tower over it. From the streets, the view is dominated by mountains of dirty yellow sand and the FNB Stadium in the distance.


Active Revision


To engage the community of Riverlea and train selected partners to tell their story about the area and what they wish to change. The story will be narrated in animation format, by selected young partners.


Online training programme to empower the selected local partners with necessary skills to create an animation story about their community and what they wish to see in future.

Provision of laptops, gaming devices and connectivity as part of incentives and for the learners to continue generating the animation stories in future for commercial benefits.


Animated videos.

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The Market Theatre Foundation


A Participatory Arts Project was to facilitate processes for community members of Riverlea to find, explore and represent their stories – not just their present, and the challenges that they currently face, but also their imagined futures, and their reflections on how the past has informed the present.


By using theatre-based methodologies and image-making photography, the project encouraged community engagement and facilitated inter-generational dialogue for the community to share their stories.

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