Projects and programmes | Kliptown


Is the oldest residential district of Soweto. It was first laid out in 1981 on land which formed part of the Klipspruit farm. In June 1955, Kliptown hosted the Congress of the People which saw the declaration and adoption of the Freedom Charter.

Kliptown is a hopeful community, poverty is a real factor in their lives, even so the community has learned to live with this and assist each other in getting by while impatiently waiting for government to intervene in service delivery and therefore the improvement of their lives in the area.

There has been no development in Kliptown over the years, it being the oldest of all informal settlements in Soweto and ultimately Gauteng, they still use public drop toilets and have no education system, they have built their shacks around a sewer system that runs through their community which is a concern for the hygiene and health of the community.



High unemployment, lack of entrepreneurship opportunities and hunger are the biggest challenges.

Water and litter also form part of the big challenges in the community.