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Noordgesig Community Empowerment Project (NCEP)

The Noordgesig Community Empowerment Project is a community based organisation that aims to recognise the history and resilience of previously disadvantaged communities through art and community story-telling events.

The NCEP also aims to provide access to educational assistance, career and university guidance programs to uplift the communities realise their full potential.

Mzansi Tourism Experience

Mzansi Tourism Experience is a wholly black-owned integrated tourism enterprise based in Soweto, focused on travel and destination management, lodge and other related accommodation management, craft and curios retail and Enterprise Development.

Part of its central focus is assisting emerging tourism businesses to grow by providing Enterprise Development to ready them for access to markets. Mzansi Tourism Experience is a mixture of experience (Ntokozo Luvuno) and youth (Nesang Maleka) having an extensive background in tourism distribution networks. They are true business developers and have been involved in startups and early days ventures.

Kearena Foundation

The Kearena Foundation is a skills development non-profit entity that was established for the sole purpose of empowering women through skills-development training in jobs that were traditionally for men.

We focus on areas where women have been marginalized, making it hard for them to move up the ranks, despite being equally able. It is through promoting equality for women that Kearena found purpose and saw opportunities to support and advocate for women through our organisation.

Ga-Mphahlele Homecoming

Ga-Mphahlele Homecoming is a non-profit organisation that aims to eradicate poverty through impactful and sustainable projects targeted at rural communities.

Our focus is on education, farming, village sustenance and village development strategies. This is to ensure that rural communities have access to basic human rights and opportunities towards a better livelihood.


Skilful Spaces

Skilful Spaces offers skills development programmes for children aged 5 – 17 years.

Our programmes focus on Conceptual, Technical, Social and Entrepreneurial skills and are centred around teaching children to enterprise their ideas, explore spaces and learn skills for the future of work.

Refentse Healthcare

Refentse Health Care-Giving programme (REHECAPRO) is a Non-Profit organisation aimed at changing people’s lives by educating, empowering and promoting independence where Children and Youth can be able to pave their way to a better future without any fear.

All our programmes: After-care (OVC) Programme, Sports, Arts and Cultural programme, Covid-19 Respond, Youth Development and HTS Programmes goal is to eradicate poverty, inequality and unemployment by promoting care and support to everyone without discrimination at all times. After-care and Sports, Arts and Cultural programmes main focus is to help children/youth to have an ability to look at social problems that they are facing in a positive way and deal with them while socializing with their peers.

Tshwaraganang Children's Home

Tshwaragangang Children’s Home, is a home for orphans, physically and sexually abused children, neglected and abandoned children from the ages of 0 to 18 years.

The organisation offers physical care, developmental care, therapy (through social workers), recreational programmes.

Let's Play Outside

Let's Play Outside is a youth-owned creative agency that is centred on youth culture and its development. We fulfil this mission by organising talented youth and facilitating mutually beneficially relationships between youth within the creative economy and various stake holders who play within the youth culture space.

Our main objective is to ensure authentic translation of youth culture and ensure fair development of youth talent within all our dealings and projects.

Rethink Africa

Rethink Africa NPC is a youth-led, pan-African, social enterprise focused on development.

Rethink Africa was founded in 2012 by a group of postgraduate students at the University of the Witwatersrand who launched it as a novel space for rigorous youth-led engagement to promote alternative economic development and policy. Rethink Africa possesses a wide-range of private and public sector, research, advocacy and community development experience.


Go Green and Go Clean

A project inspired by former internationally acclaimed magician, turned green activist in his community of Eldorado Park, Prince Rashid Juma.

The Vision

  • To create a green, clean, open and safe space, nest into an eco-tourist walkway and artist haven for the young talented unemployed artist in the area. This servitude, was previously a dumpsite and a crime hotspot in Eldorado Park Extension 8, stretching from Turf Ave, Edward Baatjies, Tosman Friesly, Epsom, Albert Dickenson & Dartmoor Avenues.

The Mission

  • Create, beautify and maintain a healthy, green and clean environment
  • Empower and educate the community and youth through skills development about a clean and green environment to Re-use, Re-duce and Re-cycle
  • To start micro business and create job opportunities
  • Uplift the community of Eldorado Park Ext8 and stimulate the local economy
Village Market Africa

The Village Market Africa, an operating division of the Morudi Group (Pty) Ltd, was established out of a need to address the decreasing bee populations and at the same time combat rural poverty through establishing bee initiatives in remote African villages.

Ours is an innovative business model that links conservation (Natural resources), rural producer initiatives and markets in a mutually beneficial relationship enabled by world-class processes.

Dinoko Phala

The project is based in Hammanskraal (North of Gauteng). We collect recyclable waste by cleaning illegal dumping sites. We collect plastic, paper, box, plastic bottles, glass and aluminium cans and then recycle the waste.


TEMPRASM is a non-profit organisation (NPO), formed in 2006 and is based in Alexandra.

TEMPRASM was one of the leading organisations that assisted with the introduction of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Public Information Education and Relationships (PIER), and introduction of the Besafe centres across Gauteng – today these two programmes are leading EMS educational programs across the country.

Social Empowerment

TLC Children's Home

TLC is a children’s home committed to rescue any newborn or abandoned baby who has been abandoned by their family, irrespective of their race or HIV status.

Our core work is the responsive, temporary, nurture of 32 infants through a series of interventions aimed at reducing risk and trauma during the critical first 1,000 days of life. We also recognise the need for a strengthened community and work directly to assist in vulnerable areas, supporting people in their need and thus restoring the social fabric.

Tosunga Baninga

Tosunga Baninga is a non profit organisation based in Evaton 2789 Wright Road.

The organisation deals with GBVF and advocacy. We do exhibition through mock crime scenes to trigger dialogues and discussions in our communities and other communities.

Siphesihle Nkosi

An organisation with the aim of accelerating transformation and raising the status of women in the rural communities around Ehlanzeni Region through collaboration and partnerships, in the context of full participation and bottom-up approach.


Green Movement Recycling

Green Movement Recycling was founded in 2014 by Zethu Kunene and later registered in 2016.

Green Movement Recycling’s primary operations is the manufacturing of a innovative biomass called the Woodie (trademark). Green Movement Recycling’s mission is to generate cost-effective and renewable energy solutions for the African continent.

Busani Textiles
Busani Textiles

Busani Textiles offers various products, services and solutions specifically in the textiles industry. Founded in 2013 and officially registered in 2016, our main objective has been to offer high quality textile products at high volumes, with the exact same consistency.

We have a strong and diverse team of manufacturing operators, design specialists, production managers, research and business development consultants readily available to assist in servicing our clients across all service spectrums.

Imbewu Seed Supply

Imbewu Seed Supply (Pty) Ltd is a Mpumalanga based organisation producing and packaging maize seed and other indigenous grain crops such as cowpea, mungbean, bambara and madumbe seedlings for small scale farmers in rural areas. We are currently supplying 2kgs only for our local market.

National Cycling Academy Forum
National Cycling Academy Forum

National Cycling Academy Forum (NCAF), is the largest nationwide organisation advocating for and effecting transformation in cycling.

There has not been investment in grassroot cycling in South Africa and NCAF aims to accelerate, recognise, support, nurture and expand cycling as both a career and sport development. Our programme implements in-community competitions, training and unearths high performance cyclists in underprivileged areas.