Projects and programmes | Botlokwa/Ga-Mphahlele


In the Limpopo province, they are found in a place called Botlokwa, north of Polokwane.

It is home to the Batlokwa who arrived in the area in 1820s and are not part of the Batlokwa who had been led by Chief Sekonyela, as they had seceded at an earlier period. There is also scattering of the Batlokwa found all over the North West.


The Allure Group


Participatory research methodology’s was implemented, and its objective was to hand over power from the researcher to research participants (community members or community-based organisations).


A photovoice process where community members are trained and capacitated to capture photos that communicate issues that promote and demote the dreams of the community.


Final output is a research video.

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Negative Themes:

  • Lack of service delivery eg. water, electricity, housing and sanitation
  • Need for recreational centres as there is drug and alcohol abuse

Positive Themes:

  • Food gardening
  • Small businesses
  • RDP housing
  • Running water in yards
  • A bridge
  • Art
  • Water tanks
  • Early childhood development facilities
  • Library
  • Poultry farming
  • Government services
  • Churches
  • Transmission/communication poles

African Content Creation Agency


To identify key assets, players, core challenges, existing projects in the community and most importantly to articulate and offer an interpretation of how the youth in these communities imagine themselves in a future beyond their current environment.


Weekly meet and greet either live and/or with Zoom to capture the dynamics of 15 to 20 people discussing themes that impact their community over a meal.


Discussion videos, skits and poems.

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The community is faced with these challenges:

  1. Gender-based violence
  2. Lack of information

    A lady in her late 40s has written totems that are being used in schools throughout Botlokwa and surrounding areas, but was not aware that she could publish her work officially.

  3. Internet connectivity
  4. Career guidance

    Many young people found themselves in completely the wrong industry, not even close to what their passion is.

  5. Unemployment

    This is a huge demoralising challenge faced by the youth, yet entrepreneurship is an idea that is only beginning to take route now.

  6. Patronage

    Due to the levels of poverty, youth find themselves having to unwillingly deal with government elements and chiefs if they want to see progress.